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Australia's leading sales strategist, lead generator and conversion expert. Make no mistake...if its hot in the kitchen its time you wither learnt to cope or get out. We deliver results, not maybe, not might...WE DELIVER.... Time is of the essence....
stonetech consulting
stonetech consulting2 days ago
Are your sales lagging behind your activity, we can show you how to solve these everyday issues in your business.

No matter what it is your selling, your sales team will have lag time behind their activity.

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stonetech consulting
stonetech consulting1 month ago
Confessions of a salesman:

What confessions could a salesman possibly have, is it the naughty kind involving the opposite sex or is it the practices salesman use in today’s markets and possibly for the last 30 years.

Wouldn’t it be cool to understand what the intent is of a salesman when they approach you to discuss your possible next purchase.

When you know the game you can play the game with intent and win. This is across most business models from business to client or business to business.

What if you had the secrets of successfully being able to negotiate anything you want in life? How cool.

Having spent most of my career in sales I can certainly vouch as not only a self proclaimed expert but one that has been taught by the best around. I have a degree in sales and marketing and spent two years on introduction to accounting as well as successfully converting at better than 1 in 2 over my life.

I was responsible for finding and setting up a multi million $ category that is Australia wide and one of the most recognised products in the safety of lives in the workplace.

So my experience is vast and commercially driven and lends itself to the information I’m about to share.

Let me start by saying the terminology of salesman should now be Sales Person as the amount of females selling today represents a good portion of that career segment.

Sales is nothing new and has been around for years and whether through knowing or not humans or people have been selling their wares for years, even back before cash registers were introduced.

There is a saying in the sales field, sell or be sold as everyday we are in constant negotiation with other people.

So it’s uncanny then that many successful entrepreneurs have come up with ways to perfect the process or the interaction with consumers to maximise returns.

Some companies use psychologists to train their team some use world renowned experts that have been successful to pass on their message of wisdom to increase revenue through sales.

As I begin this journey I will share with you the secrets of salesman ship and as the title reveals the confessions I have endured in my time.

To be continued
stonetech consulting
stonetech consulting2 months ago
Well done Brad Dick after only a short time working on our google SEO has successfully moved us from over 1000 to 8 and 11 both here and in Melbourne on mobile.

Great work
stonetech consulting
stonetech consulting2 months ago
As some may or may not be aware we have just finished a rebranding exercise within our business. Our web site, landing pages, business cards and the way we go to market.

We call it a refresh:- so why a refresh?

The world 🌍 of marketing is changing and to stay in line at the least, with what consumers are looking for it’s imperative that you rise above the noise.

Part of our refresh included adding our own graphic design team headed up by Jacy Arthur. Jacy is instrumental in our market positioning and designing concepts with clean lines.

For all your graphic needs realistically priced give us a call at stonetech Consulting on 0416 036 071.

A refresh might be all you need
stonetech consulting
stonetech consulting added 2 new photos.2 months ago
Good morning,

As part of our continuous growth strategy we have now added two more components to our already growing portfolio with an in-house design service, including a whole range of services.

For a low cost high quality design resolution please do not hesitate to contact me:

Dale Stone
0416 036 071
stonetech consulting
stonetech consulting3 months ago
Too some its too much work!

Too others its perfect!

What looks like hard work, can be changed to fun with the right attitude.

People are the same....

The right attitude makes the difference.