Testimonials – Holly Brooke McDonald


Honestly, where can I start? How can I demonstrate the absolute energy and passion in what I say so that everyone that reads this totally understands how Dale sits miles apart from most Sales/General Managers I have come across.

So Why? Well, Dale works with a pace and passion not seen by most. The level that he gives everything is 200%. The passion that he has for HR, Training, Staff Mentoring is second to none.

Dale strives to make staff better individually to ensure a holistic outcome and a more profitable business. Dale takes a particular focus on the right mix of personalities in each individual area to ensure the team perform at best which again results in a larger profit margin.

He is exceptionally intelligent.

I have NEVER me a contact who understands the Sales Model and the importance of the psychology when recruiting in this area. Dale is an outstanding leader, what’s more the personal satisfaction I received from dealing with a client who personally motivated me to be a better person through the process speaks volumes.

Dale you are one of a kind. I truly cherish our business relationship and now see you as much more than a client, you really are an inspirational person to know